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No SnagZ Ltd

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Jonathan Price

Director. No SnagZ Ltd.

Born into a military family near Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK. Both his father and grandfather were military pilots. Jon, showing absolutely no imagination, joined the Royal Air Force as a pilot at the age of 18. After training he flew Tornados fighter/bombers in Germany in the Strike / Attack role during the Cold War. After ‘the wall’ came down Jon became a fast jet instructor flying Hawks.

On leaving the RAF Jon worked abroad for several years before returning to the UK when he joined BAE Systems as a Training Manager, Pilot Instructor and SME for Hawk, Tornado and Typhoon aircraft and training systems (and firefighter for any crisis that occurred when somebody dropped the ball in Military Customer Support).

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After over 6000 hours sitting on ejection seats (and never having used one) Jon took up a more sedentary, but bureaucracy intensive, flying role managing a RAF ‘Air Experience Flight’, using Grob Tutor aircraft, for the UK’s ‘Air Training Corp’ youth organisation (a bit like the scouts but with flying in light aerobatic aircraft) organising and ensuring the safety of the 30+ volunteer RAF pilots and the 4000 kids that they get airborne with annually.

Always a bit of a computer and gadget geek he is competent with CAD, web and graphic design; this led to the formation of No SnagZ Ltd with his co-director Shawn Marston after discussing a software solution for managing professional competencies.

Jon lives, with his wife Charlotte, on a small farm outside Shrewsbury. There he turns his hand to anything from mechanical restoration to plastering to electrikery. They have a menagerie of horses, dogs, cats and chickens; a collection of new and old motorcycles (which they both ride), a tractor and a tracked digger - which is mostly used to rearrange and reduce the height of the hill he lives on. Jon would love to be able to play a musical instrument but is hopelessly tone deaf.
Jon is the proverbial ‘Jack of All Trades’ and is content that he has mastered most of them. The only skill that still eludes him (apart from music) is ‘herding cats’!

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No SnagZ Ltd.

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